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This page lists equipment racks in the order of highest price to lowest. The list may or may not be in the order of highest quality to lowest.

That said, also note that equipment racks affect the sound of your components, by transferring structure-borne and air-borne vibrations to the components in different ways, and many of these ways are detrimental to the sound the equipment produces; for example clarity and the ability to generate tight bass are a few among many other often-seen negative affects.


Use the ears, Luke.




Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS)

Prices: $10,000 - $30,000
Pictured: M1R equipment racks in gloss black and burl walnut

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 6 Moons  The M1R Equipment Rack
PARTicular Contemporary Design

Prices: $1200 - $25,000
Pictured: Novus, Eurythmy

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Prices: $3,400 - $7,000
Pictured: rack closeup, zonal tone-basis, zonal tone-basis twin

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Acoustic Dreams

Prices: $1,500/shelf
Pictured: 4 and 2 shelf racks

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Rix Rax - A Stand for the Ultimate in Audio

Prices: $2,000 - $5,000 range

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Zoethecus - High Quality Audio/Video Furniture

Prices: $500 - $3,000
Pictured: Amplifier stand, racks

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Audioreview (rack)

Grand Prix Audio

Prices: $1,000 - $2,500+
Pictured: Monoco, Monza Isolation system

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Schroers & Schroers - Designed for Entertainment

Prices: $800 - $2,500
Pictured: Archos, Focus 72, Lambda

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Galen Carol Audio (dealer) (Various)
MindLogic (dealer) (Various)
Mana Accoustics

Prices: $250 - $2,000+
Pictured: Phase 4 table, Sound Stage

SolidSteel - The Best Audio Table
U.S. Distributor:
Savant Audio

Prices: $200 - $2,000
Pictured: 6.4, standard 6-series table design, cone

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Bright Star

Prices: $200 - $2,500
Pictured: Rack of Gibraltar 4, Big Rock/Little Rock

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Audioreview (Rack of Gibraltar 4)
Arcici - High Quality Audio Rack Systems

Prices: $1200 - $2,300
Pictured: Suspense, Grandstand

Neuance - Isolation Platforms by Greater Ranges

Prices: $150, $175
Pictured: custom

Synopsis: Custom fitted platforms to replace shelves

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Symposium Acoustics

Prices: Platforms: $239 - $499, Rollerblocks: $300-$375, Racks: $?
Pictured: Precision rack, Platforms, Rollerblocks


Prices: Ultimo rack: $1895, Ultimo amp stand: $799
Pictured: Ultimo rack, Ultim amp stand, HF SL amp stand

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Sistrum Platforms - Star Sound Technologies

Prices: $300 - $1700
Pictured: various, SP-4

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Silent Running

Prices: $400 - $?
Pictured: "Craz Reference" 4 isoRACK, 3.0 "Ohio class" isoBASE XL, 3.0 "VR Series" isoBASE

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Audioreview (Rack of Gibraltar 4)

Bello - Home Theater Designs For Living

Prices: ?
Pictured: ATC-2111M, AR-880 Audio Towers

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Sound Anchors

Prices: $100 - $1500
Pictured: component stand, AMP"A" amplifier stand

Synopsis: both pre-designed and custom

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Salamander - Modern storage systems for today's theater

Prices: $200 - $750
Pictured: Synergy 30, Synergy base units, Archtype 5

Synopsis: Many options (doors, sides, casters)


Pictured: Design 3, Base 2000

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Audioreview (Design 5)

Prices: $150 - $500
Pictured: Allegro, Harmony audio racks

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Audioreview (Allegro), (Harmony)
Sound Organisation

Prices: $200 - $300
Pictured: Z545

Reviewers Reviews
Audioreview (Z545)
Sorice - Fine Solid Hardwood Furniture

Prices: $250 - $400
Pictured: COMBO 4R, B-MPC

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audioreview (Asana)

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